Bulk Pre-Mix Chemistry

Autex® Bulk Products For Dealer Premix

Autex Ready-To-Use developers and fixers by Allied are available from authorized dealers in convenient five gallon returnable containers. These formulas are suitable for all types of films, extremely clean-working, and designed for long shelf life.

Product Name Description Catalog No. Mix Size
Autex RP Developer & Replenisher This developer sets the quality standard for general radiography. It is a three-part liquid concentrate for use with all general x-ray films from all manufacturers. 23013 200 gallons
Autex SE Developer & Replenisher SE is designed to enhance images in single-emulsion applications and provide superior performance with double-emulsion films needing higher contrast. This three-part liquid concentrate for single-emulsion and premium films is typically used for Mammography, Specials, Orthopedics, Ultrasound, CT and MRI. 23035 200 gallons
Autex HD Developer & Replenisher Autex® HD is designed for use with Agfa Mammography and other premium Agfa film products. 23313 200 gallons
Autex KE Developer & Replenisher This Allied-formulated version of a popular universal developer will provide superior results in the development of all KodakTM films. 23513 200 gallons
Autex LPM-400 Developer & Replenisher This developer provides stability and quality at an economical value. 23040 400 gallons
Product Name Description Catalog No. Mix Size
Autex RP Fixer & Replenisher This specially formulated fixer offers superior dying capabilities for high-temperature processing in a two-part liquid concentrate hardening formulation. 23020 300 gallons
Autex XRF-15 Fixer & Replenisher Kit This fixer offers quality hardening at an economical price, due to its large bulk quantity. 23017
300 gallons

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